Tilda Mauritzson

SPORT: Basketball


HEIGHT: 5’11″


BORN: 10/28/2002

CLUB: Helsingborgs BBK (Swedish Elite League)

SCHOOL: Engelholms Gymnasium

CLASS: 2021

GPA: 2.78/4.0 (translated cumulative GPA)

BIO: Tilda Mauritzson is a 2022 forward from Engelholm, Sweden. Tilda graduated high school in the summer of 2021. During high school she was studying business management and economics. Tilda is currently playing for Helsingborgs BBK which competes in the the Swedish Basketball league (the top league in Sweden – “Svenska Basketligan”). This is a semi-professional level where TIlda competes with and against former NCAA college athletes that are starting out their professional careers.


Äli (Ängelholms basketball, first club), Team Northwest (team for players from the district, played in national championship 4 seasons), Team Skåne (district, 2nd place in the national championship 2018), Helsingborgs BBK


I graduated from Angelholm Senior Secondary in 2021 and am playing in the top senior league in Sweden for Helsingborg Basketball Club. Currently when I am not playing basketball and training, I work at Angelholm Elementary school as a special needs teacher. I have also worked for the Swedish Hockey League club Rogle BK /top club in Sweden) as their social media assistant director.

One of my biggest strengths is my knowledge of the game. With this quality I can easily find my teammates in the right places and the right moments, but I also find the opportunities for myself to score. I can find myself positions near the basket with or without the ball. This quality comes in good hands in defence as well. I read the situations and can be at the right place to stop my player and help my teammates. With good timing I can make steals, blocks and force the opponents to make turnovers.

I am very confident with my two-point shooting around the field. When I am open I will shoot and take my chances without hesitation.

I am a player that wants to create a good atmosphere and bring energy to the team both on and off court. I have no problem with being a leader and helping younger and new players. It is important that everybody feels comfortable and involved in the team.

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