Play Sports in College or Professionally!

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We help athletes enrich their lives by opening up opportunities in sport and education.

At Athletes Abroad Management we provide guidance and support to athletes in different stages of their careers.

We help our athletes to play college sports in the US or on a professional level anywhere in the world. 

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We believe in the importance of education and the opportunities it provides. For foreign students, studying in the US can mean increased job opportunities when you return to your home country. Employers often look for students who have studied abroad, particularly in English speaking countries.


Professional Sports

We represent professional athletes in the recruitment and contract negotiation process. As a professional athlete it’s important to have someone that you trust on your side. Our athletes can count on us to support them in all aspects of their professional career.


Athletic Scholarship

Each year more than 150 000 student-athletes receive scholarships to play sports and study in college. The amount of scholarship you could be eligible for depends on your sport, gender, athletic ability, and academic ability. We help you find different scholarship opportunities that fit you and your needs.

Contract Negotiation

We set our athletes up for long-term success by finding good opportunities and negotiating the best possible terms. Through attention and dedication we take care of all matters off the court and allow our athletes to be completely focused on their sport.


Academic Scholarship

Apart from athletic scholarships we work with many schools who provide academic scholarships. These two scholarships can cover the majority of if not all the cost of attending college in the US. Good grades and high SAT scores will give you a better chance to qualify for academic scholarship money.


Career Development

Our focus is not just on finding our athletes a contract but putting them on a path to develop their careers in the best possible way. We help our athletes set long-term goals and support them throughout the entire process so they are able to focus on becoming the best that they can be.