College Sports across a variety of levels

College sports are extremely popular in the United States for both men and women. The level of play varies depending upon what division and league you are competing in.

Overall there is a level for everyone and we can help you find the team and level that is right for you.



College football, also known as soccer in the US, has become increasingly popular. There are around 1200 men’s soccer teams and 1400 women’s soccer teams spread out across schools all over the United States. Schools in the US pride themselves on their athletic departments and spend a great deal of money to attract new athletes and maintain their programs. Playing soccer in the US will give you an immense amount of benefits including access to world class facilities and experienced coaching staff.



There are over 15,000 student athletes currently competing in tennis across 1200 universities in the United States. Most tennis teams have domestic players as well as international players from all over the world. Professional tennis can be difficult to get into and college tennis can be a much more viable option for many athletes. College tennis gives players the opportunity to develop their talents while getting an education.



College Golf is played at a very high level in the United States. Over 70% of golfers who compete on the PGA/LPGA tour have played college golf. There are both men’s and women’s college golf teams that compete for over 1200 schools. Scholarship money is available for athletes who wish to play golf while getting an education. Golfers will have access to multiple golf courses as well as their home golf course which can be on or off campus. They will typically use the athletic facilities on campus for weight training, rehabilitation, and other purposes. 



Women’s indoor volleyball awards the second most full scholarships of any female sport and volleyball players also have the option to play college beach volleyball. The level of play in college volleyball is very high with the top division having some of the best volleyball players in the world. Many players that represent their country in the Olympics previously played college volleyball in the US. After college many volleyball players compete professionally in leagues across the world.


Ice Hockey

There are two governing bodies for men’s and women’s college ice hockey in the United States, NCAA and ACHA. There are over 130 men’s teams and over 70 women’s teams competing across the two divisions. Many college hockey players go on to play professionally either in the NHL or elsewhere. In 2012 there were 301 former collegiate ice hockey players that suited up for the NHL.


Other Sports

There are opportunities to play a number of sports while getting an education in the United States. In the NCAA alone there are over 400,000 student athletes competing across a variety of sports. On average each NCAA athletics program fields 17 teams. Teams in the highest division are often competing at a level comparable to or better than the top professional teams in Scandinavia. Other sports include Basketball, Wrestling, Field Hockey, Swimming, American Football, Baseball, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Track and Field, Rowing, Skiing, Lacrosse, Equestrian, Softball, Fencing, and Diving among others.