Raeven Chase

Position: Zone 3
Country: Canada
EU-Citiizen: No
Height: 193cm / 6’4″
Approach touch: 3.27 m / 10’9″
Block touch: 
Current club: Available 24-25
Previous club: University of Tennessee

Raeven Chase, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I am 23 years old, born on May 17, 2000. I have played sports the entirety of my life, starting at three years old and have dedicated two decades of my life to training and preparing to prolong my athletic career as long as possible. I began playing volleyball very late at the age of 15, had a full ride scholarship to Eastern Michigan University by 18 years old and completed six years of college, ending my collegiate career at the University of Tennessee by 23 years old. I have dedicated myself to my training and development as a player and as a teammate which I will continue into this next phase of life. I have a relentless drive to push myself and my teammates to new heights and I have my eyes set on making a mark in Europe on this next chapter in my professional volleyball career. My relentless pursuit of excellence never waivers and I am fueled by the dream of playing at the highest level.
2023: NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 (top 16 teams in US college volleyball)
2023: SEC Defensive player of the week
2022: Voted on PreseasonAll-MAC team
2022: All-tournament team Michigan State Invitational
2022: Ranked 8th in the MAC conference in hitting %
2022; Ranked 4th In MAC conference in blocks
2021: Ranked 10th in NCAA in total blocks (135)
2021: Ranked 4th in NCAA in solo blocks (36)
2021: Ranked 1st in MAC conference in total blocks
2021: Ranked 3rd in MAC conference in hitting %


Raeven Chase Pos.3 #16 Blue Shirt

Raeven Chase Pos.3 #16 Orange Shirt

Raeven Chase Pos.3 #16 Orange Shirt